Completed Projects

In April 2017 the installation of a shelter on Cowes Seafront was completed, which has proved very popular with both locals and visitors to Cowes.
Photo of seafront shelter - for decorative purposes

A new Town map was commissioned in 2020 and these are on display throughout the town.

Photograph of new town maps - for decorative purposes

The Children’s Play Area, the MUGA (Multi-Use Games Area) and the Outdoor Gym in Northwood Recreation Ground (situated in Park Road) are major projects that have been completed by the Projects Committee.

The Projects Committee completed works for the Festive Lights for the High Street, repairs and refurbishment of the crane and benches outside of the Harbour Commission office, repairs to the Town Clock, replacement artwork for the Interpretation panels in Northwood Park and drainage for the area around the War Memorial.

One of the successful projects has been the co-ordination of the defibrillators in the Town which are now available for community use.

Another project undertaken was the installation of a Horizon Plaque on Cowes Parade – pointing out significant sea and land marks that can be (or could have been – in the case of those no longer in existence!) seen from The Parade. This was installed during 2014.

Photograph of Horizon Plaque location on Cowes Parade

Projects Committee

The Projects Committee is a sub-Committee of Cowes Town Council and is responsible for identifying and managing projects which are designed to improve the amenities within the town.

Current projects being considered include:

  • Improvement of The Cut area
  • Cycling in Cowes High Street
  • Commemorating the Ark and the Dove

Please contact the Town Clerk if you have a project in Cowes which you would like Councillors to consider.

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