Cowes Town Maps

There are eight Town maps positioned around the town at the following locations:

  • two maps “back to back” on the Parade (by Trinity Landing);
  • two maps “back to back” at the bottom of Market Hill;
  • one map in Medina Road (by the Floating Bridge);
  • one map outside the (old) Police Station in Birmingham Road (opposite “the Duke of York”);
  • one map outside Hursts in Carvel Lane (close to the taxi rank outside M&S);
  • one map behind in The Anchor in Cross Street (opposite Corrie’s Cabin and the Painter’s Arms).

Photograph of Town Map display case

The Projects Committee is looking to update the maps in 2019.

There are also 7 “Finger Posts” (direction signs) sited at various locations in the town, positioned to assist visitors.

Photograph of directional finger post

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