The Cut

The Projects Committee is working on various proposals for the enhancement of The Cut. Funds have been reserved for several years from the budget to pay for this project. The loading bay (outside Day Lewis, Chemists) will be relocated to the other end of The Cut (ie: outside the toilet block) and block paving installed on the pedestrianised portion of the road. New seating and planting is also part of the overall plan. The Town Council is currently negotiating with Island Roads in the hope that we can build on their programme of works for the area, to add further enhancements.


We are also looking at replacing the mural on the wall at The Cut.  The current mural has been there since the Island Games in 2011 and is showing signs of wear and tear.  The Town Council ran a competition in December 2017 asking local school children to design a new mural.  The entries were shortlisted to three, with Councillors deciding to incorporate aspects from all three designs in the final mural. Local artists Chris and Maddy Dobson have very kindly offered to produce a mural design that represents a walk through the town and incorporates the favourite aspects of the three designs.