Outdoor Gym

Outdoor Gym

An Outdoor Gym is now installed at Northwood Recreation Ground. The majority of the funding for this project has been obtained by Cowes Town Council through a grant from Britvic‘s Transform Your Patch programme (see: www.groundwork.org.uk).

Four items of wooden equipment are available for use and there is signage on-site showing how to use the individual pieces. 







The location within Northwood Recreation Ground had to be agreed by the IW Council who own the land and it determined that it should be next to the Playbuilder Park; an alternative site between the Skate Park/MUGA and Northwood Cricket Club was not considered because of the risk of cricket balls being hit into that area.

The Town Council expanded the outdoor gym equipment in the summer of 2017, in consultation with the IW Council over its location, to include six pieces of mobile gym equipment.  We hope the facilities will be well used and loved by everyone.










Those of you who are currently using the apparatus have given a very positive response. For those adults who have yet to discover it or are daunted by the prospect of using it themselves, please give it a go. It couldn’t be easier and instructions can be found on each piece of equipment. Take a friend if you feel embarrassed and set yourself a goal.

The benefits of each piece of equipment are as follows.


It is designed to improve flexibility, range of movement, and blood circulation to shoulder joints and muscles. It provides an excellent warm-up or cooling down routine for arms and shoulders. It is also useful as a therapeutic aid, and as a shoulder work-out for wheelchair users




The rowing action is known to be one of the best forms of exercise, working arms, shoulders, back and abdomen. It uses a fixed seat sculling action and offers cardiovascular and toning benefits for all ages. The back support prevents over extension.




This is a two in one piece of equipment that combines a seated chest press on one side and a pull-down challenger on the other side. Using one after the other gives a chest, arm, shoulder and back work-out. It builds strength and stamina in one of the largest muscle groups.




This is an excellent work-out for thighs and hips without any of the risks to the knee joints associated with traditional squats. Increase the speed and/or the number of repetitions for more strenuous exercise. It can be used individually or by two persons together. It is fun to use and encourages social interaction.




This universally popular apparatus provides excellent cardiovascular exercise while developing the leg muscles. It allows a full range of movement in the hip joint improving flexibility and strength without any impact or stress to joints and back. It can be used by all ages, especially those for whom jogging and power walking are not suitable. It is great for a paired work-out.




This trainer provides an excellent full-body cardiovascular wok-out. It greatly helps to provide co-ordination and balance while providing low impact exercise for legs and arms. It is also an excellent work-out for those recovering from injury.



This Safety Notice states that the equipment is intended for adults and youths, and that the equipment is not suitable for those persons under 4ft 7ins. Only one person at a time at every user station, and to use the equipment with respect. All users use this equipment at their own risk.